Suitable for upper primary and high school students 

Galileo Technic takes students to the next level in STEM education. Students continue to build motorised LEGO® models – but the scale and complexity of the model increases significantly.  Students will: 

Learn advanced physics concepts and explore known concepts at a deeper level
Learn new maths and mechanical engineering principles
Use long chains of gears in machine design 
Greater emphasis on teamwork and collaboration
Learn to test and troubleshoot their machines – just like real engineers! 

Overview of Galilieo Technic Sessions

All sessions follows the Learn-Prototype-Experiment-Imagine format. 

Learn – the STEM concepts through stories and anecdotes 
Prototype – a LEGO® model that applies the concept in a real-world setting 
Experiment – modifying the completed model can be scary yet satisfying. Children are encouraged to take risks to learn cause-consequences.
✓ Imagine – children are challenged to think outside the box to imagine the possibilities of their creations.

Other Galileo Technic Objectives

✓ Encourage independent and creative thinking
✓ Develop the ability to analyze engineering processes
✓ Acquire engineering implementation skills
Expand problem-solving skills
✓ Provide general knowledge of laws of physics and various natural phenomena
✓ Progress sense of self-efficacy and time management
✓ Improve communication and interpersonal skills
✓ Boost team-building abilities

Galileo Technic Subjects

Defence equipment like tanks and bascules 
Construction equipment like cement mixers, cranes, forklifts and trucks
Moving robots like dinosaur bot, spider bot, caterpillar bot, swinging monkey etc
Vehicles and amusement park rides